Our Flag Range

Premium printed fabrics.

  • Top-quality display systems and frames for your soft signage… at surprisingly low prices!

Australian flags

  • Quality fabrics finished with header-strips and sister-clips for use on in-ground flag-poles.
  • Choice of flag sizes.

Custom-printed Flags and Fabric Banners

  • Available in the size of your choice, for indoor or outdoor display.
  • Our flags and banners can be finished with traditional header-strips and sister-clips for flag-poles or with your choice of pockets or sleeves.

Our Printed Flag Display Products

Choose the style and size of product that best suits your logo or graphics.
No limit on the amount of colours or style of artwork – use these products to brand your business/promotion any way you wish:
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Please note: “Single-sided prints” mean that your image is seen mirror reverse on the back of the flag.
“Double-sided prints” mean that two pieces of printed fabric are sewn back-to-back, so that each side of the flag reads correctly.

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